I am very sorry for anybody who’d hoped for this website to be in English, but it is mainly in Dutch. A very short introduction to what I do in English:

As a lecturer in Publishing and Media at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I enjoy introducing students into the fascinating world of international trade publishing. I have worked in the book publishing industry (crime novels) and I now teach publishing and media concepting at the Media, Information & Communication Programme.

I started working on the topic of how lecturers in higher professional education use resources back in 2010. For my master thesis in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at VU University Amsterdam, I researched lecturers’ ideas about how they would like to use eTextbooks. One of the outcomes was that they saw eTextbooks as a means to offer a curated collection of resources to their students.

This outcome set me of in the direction of curation in education, and led to a project with the Publishing Lab at research centre CREATE-IT, at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In this project, together with Canon Nederland and the University Library, I researched how we could offer students readers (or course packs) made by lecturers in an interactive, digital way. The outcomes pointed towards a hybrid product, combining paper and digital formats.

The main focus of this project was on the best ‘design-for-learning’ of such a reader, combined with a more technological approach on how to realise that desired product. However, while carrying out this project, I became more and more interested in the underlying curational processes involved in offering a collection of resources to students. I kept wondering if we could learn more about how lecturers approached this task. Were there any good practices, models or guidelines to be found?

This led to reviewing the literature, speaking to supervisors, and, eventually, to drafting up a PhD proposal, on which I hope to get started soon.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me!